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Setting Up Shop in Silicon Valley and Getting on the Path to Success


How Founder Partners Helped a Danish Entrepreneur Set Up Shop in Silicon Valley and Get on the Right Path to Success

Michael is the kind of scrappy, visionary, product-centric entrepreneur Founder Partners loves working with.  He came from a marketing background, but was interested in software creation and, rather than hiring others to realize his visions, decided to teach himself how to code.  

He honed his coding skills while working for a large communications agency, and his efforts paid off when, in the course of his job, he discovered the need for a calendar widget and realized he could create one himself.  Sensing he wouldn’t be the only one who could make use of such functionality, he launched his own product.  

​Sure enough, even without any major marketing initiatives, he was quickly able to generate an impressive startup user base -- 30,000 users around the world.

​Galvanized by his initial success, and determined to seize upon the gap in the market he had so cleverly identified, Michael set about expanding and fine-tuning his product.  It was in the course of doing this work that he met the team at Founder Partners, who were impressed by his initiative and by what he was able to achieve without any major capital investment or infrastructure.  And so AddEvent was born.


To date, the Founder Partners team has helped Michael navigate all the intimidating administrative matters involved in bringing a foreign business to the US such as setting up a DE incorporation, getting the necessary visas, opening bank accounts, and securing office space.  ​

When asked why he chose to work with the Founder Partners team, he replies simply that he could not have begun to imagine how to jump through all these hurdles without Brian and Greg helping him along the way.  

In only six months, Founder Partners has helped AddEvent increase its subscriber base materially and test monetization, and they are just getting started.  Together, Michael and the Founder Partners team are confident that they can grow AddEvent into the successful business it was born to be.

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