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Exit Stories

Hear how startup founders navigate the waters of bootstrapping, growing and exiting their companies. We talk to a number of founders and investors on what early learnings they had, what mistakes and problems they had to overcome, and how their journeys shaped the decisions they make and perspectives they have today. 



From Ring to Amazon


Mr. Beams was acquired by Ring and then became part of Amazon. Hear how Mr. Beams got started, where the idea came from, and the background of its founder, David Levine.

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Bootstrapping to Success

Brian was a tech M&A banker who turned serial entrepreneur. He learned how to sell a business before he learned how to build a solid business. "What software are IT folks consistently buying, even during recessions?' We learned through research that it was  security software, so we thought,  if we're going to create something that's recession proof , is there any white space in the security software landscape." Hear about how Brian bootstrapped a company and navigated offers, mergers, and strategic partnerships, and the lessons learned along the way.

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Building Out a Startup

Don and his co-founders saw a need in the market and bootstrapped a complimentary team that focused on customer success to build a thriving startup. Hear how Don and team focused on Product-Led Growth and made key decisions with customers in mind as they grew and scaled the product and the company

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